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What is Stratocracy? What it means?

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Stratocracy is a form of government where the soldiers rule. Many people confuse this with the Junta or dictatorship. Although it is partially similar, it is not exactly like them.

Junta: A military or political group that comes to the government by force. The dictatorship is the rule of the country’s administration by one person. These two groups have no legal ties to the government. Stratocracy, on the other hand, is based on a law of military rule. The army and the state are one, the soldiers in the army take part in the legislative and executive organs of the country. To summarize your mind without too much confusion; The right to be elected and elected is in the army or in the citizens of the military. The army takes its power from the constitution and laws. Today, the country managed by this form of government is Myanmar.

Myanmar; It is among the countries of Southeast Asia, China, India and Thailand. Its population is on average 58 million. The majority of the population is Buddhist, and 10% is Muslim. The world frequently hears the name of this country through the persecution, torture and genocide of Muslims.

To give an example from the movies that many of us know; 300 Spartan, Star Trek (Star Trek) and 1997-built Star Ship Soldiers. Especially 300 Spartan is one of the best examples of this management style.

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